Hans Nelson started working in a nursery in the late 1920's, learning how to grow many different kinds of plants. He started his own nursery in the late 1930's. He grew different deciduous and evergreen shrubs until the beginning of World War II. Our sales representatives have current product availability and pricing. You can contact your sales representative or our office for product information and availability. We thank our existing customers and hope those of you who are reading this may someday be a customer. Welcome to our nursery. After returning from the war he married Doris Hannan in 1946 and returned to growing the same product line of deciduous and evergreen shrubs. In the late 40's he switched from shrubs and started growing roses. He pursued roses until the mid 1960's. At that time he switched to growing shade, flowering and ornamental trees. The nursery moved its growing grounds from Troutdale to Boring in 1965. We are in that same location today. A few years ago we purchased an additional growing grounds in Boring adding up to a total of 180 acres. The nursery continues to be a family business dedicated to producing bare root and container one and two year shade, flowering and ornamental trees for the wholesale market. Our staff takes great pride in the trees we produce. Starting with the best understock we can purchase, we use drip irrigation on all field products. Water and liquid fertilizers are applied when needed. Our trees are staked to produce strong trunks with dominant central leaders. Pruning is done throughout the growing season to produce full limb canopies.
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